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“We can’t go back and fix things..  Today’s decisions are tomorrow’s realities”  –  Tim Storey


When you find yourself focusing on your lack of, instead try think of something you have an abundance of that could be useful. 

Going with the Flow?

Every moment in life we have a choice whether to enter life’s waters and float, or to try to swim upstream. – Osho

My everyday challenge.  Go with the flow or set and follow a determined purpose.  To be perfectly honest, this dominates most of my waking hours.  I have 3 children and they are loved.  Much of that love is generated by me, but not all of it. They have a rather large, loving family and strong network of chosen family that supports and nourishes them as well.  They are the lucky ones.  As are we.

So considering how many sources of love and support they have to draw from, I find myself consistently asking.. how much of myself do I give to and for them and how much do I reserve for..myself?

Motherhood can be tricky. I can see now why so many completely immerse themselves in it.  Lose themselves without reservation in the day to day fullness it can offer.  It can be all consuming where even the time spent away from the little ones are spent thinking of them, considering them, preparing for your time with them again.   This is easy.  This comes natural.

What can be difficult is being selfish.  Thinking only of our own needs and wants. There are activities I enjoy that are strictly for me. For my own enjoyment and growth. Dancing. Yoga. Painting. Creating beautiful things. Reading. Writing. Enjoying a steaming cup of coffee or tea with good company. And although it can be very well argued that more than a couple of these could benefit others around me as well, they are mostly for me. They nourish me and make me feel my life is more than laundry, dirty dishes, and playing referee. They remind me that there are certain things other than a peaceful and contented child in my arms that can fill my soul with a sense of abundance.

I do regularly try to incorporate this time to be completely self absorbed, yet it is rarely that.  There is always this little voice in the back of your ear… shouldn’t you be doing something for them right now?  Preparing something for them, considering them, thinking of them.  This is my challenge.   To quiet that voice and simply respond, ‘no.. this time is for me.’

Easier said than done.

"dont waste this simplicity in possibility".. tiesto.

“dont waste this simplicity in possibility”.. tiesto.

Its All In How We Look At It…

I knew upon typing my title that I could have very easily written ‘How We See It’.  Yet when I stopped to think about which would more accurately reflect what I really wanted to say, I realized that, despite its tendency for selectivity, to look at something seemed ultimately much more proactive than to simply see.

So here you have it.  My very first introductory blog.  Yet, to be honest,  it could very well be my last.  Can anyone claim to know with absolute certainty what tomorrow will bring?  I know I can’t, so I try not to promise tomorrow too much.  Which is one of life’s many guiding lights, isn’t it?  To live life honestly.  So that one day we may all lead fuller ones with no room for guilt, remorse, regret or delusion.

Someday.. in that perfect world.

Which brings me back to my world.. The  imperfect one.

There are many topics in which I would like to make thoughts known, and offer my own personal perspective.. how I look at it all.   I will just begin with a few basic truths of mine.  Maybe some are yours too..

My Perspective of the Moment:
I believe in hope.
Nobody knows how long they will get, the tools they will receive,  or the true lasting effect of each of their decisions.
The teachers we attract are directly related to the lessons we seek, knowing or unknowingly.
We are not better or worse than anyone else. The potential to be greater than we are right now is always there.

There are very real limitations to the adequacy of verbal instruction.
Somewhere lies the perfect balance between the path of least resistance and the knowledge that that which is more challenging generally proves to be worth it.  If it exists, I haven’t found it.
Love conquers all.

That’s it for today.  I know I could go a lot deeper than this, but feel a nice simple intro is always a welcome one. Something to be said for brevity, I wish I had always said.

Now back to real life. Hopefully one that consists of healthy choices, loving laughter and a satisfying feeling of true warmth and work well done.

Your perspective is always welcome in my world too. Share if you dare.